About us

Ardini LLC is a young company named after the city of the same name in Urartu, in the southern part of the Armenian Highlands, the center of worship of the supreme god Haldi, who was also the god of viticulture and winemaking.

The team of our company consists from professionals, whom Felix Meliksetyan Ph.D., assistant professor turned into a creative group. Dr. Felix Meliksetyan had founded and for many years had led  the Department of Winemaking and Preservation in the Armenian Agricultural Institute. The technology of production of alcoholic beverages and the quality of the products achieve was the meaning of his life.  Graduates of his department up to these days are leading specialists and heads of enterprises in the wine industry of Armenia His  son, Arsen Meliksetyan, who also has a scientific degree in this field, is engaged in bringing to life knowledge and extensive  experience of his father.

The goal of the  company “Ardini” is the production of high-quality alcoholic products with  preservation of traditional national methods of winemaking. The first products of the company, which appeared in  Russian market, are grape vodka “Amshen” homemade and ” Hamshen” matured. The products were presented at the international exhibition Prodexpo-2017 in Moscow, participated in the 19th International Tasting Contest, in which about 950 types of drinks from around the world took part, and was awarded gold and silver medals for excellent quality.

But, this is not the first successful project of the Meliksetyan family, earlier, at the international exhibition Prodexpo-2013,  they were awarded a gold medal for excellent quality of  Armenian brandy Ardini.

The company plans to expand the range of produced fruit vodkas  and to launch Armenian cognac with excellent taste and aroma.

Many years of experience in winemaking, conveyed   knowledge from generation to generation, love of Armenia, dedication to work were embodied in the excellent quality of products offered by Ardini.